Operations Management

Athens Gold Yachting - Operations Management

Athens Gold Yachting handles all the operation tasks of a yacht, allowing the owner enjoy the benefits without worries. The yachts' safety and efficient chartering is our first priorities and this is infused to all the members of our team, the captains and the crew.

We undertake all the running functions with care and respect, applying tested methods to make sure the yachts are operated efficiently with lean costs. We make sure you make the most of your yacht by setting are goals aligned. For us, a happy yacht owner aligned with a happy charter client is the ultimate goal and therefore we apply the full extent of our skills and experience to make it happen.

We handle all marine operations such as:

  • Certification
  • Insurance
  • Cruise Planning
  • Arranging Berths
  • Agent Allocation
  • Supplying 
  • Fuel Management
  • Communications.